My Story


Ever since I was young, music has been a part of my life.  
My first  instrument was a gift of a guitar from my parents, and then I moved onto keyboards. At one point I even played a little on the drums, but my  passion has always been singing.  
Early on I performed concerts for Girl  Scouts, several outdoor shows, and even at a friend’s wedding.  I recorded several tracks at a small country recording studio in the late  90's.  This had been a lifelong dream which I could finally say I  accomplished.      
Life changes then bought me from Australia to the United States and my new friends encouraged me to take up singing once again.  Now being a  Long Haul Truck driver, I figured this would give me plenty of time to practice, so I thought… why not!  
My first project when I returned to  the recording studio, this time in the United States, was to record  three songs to be played at a friend’s memorial service.   This was then followed that up with a Christmas album that was given out as a Christmas gift for friends.  My music was becoming popular and friends  wanted more and more!  
In 2014 I was selected as a finalist in the Overdrive Magazine's  "Trucker Talent Search" and following this opportunity I realized that  my sights were now set on releasing songs outside of my circle of  friends and go public.  
A few years ago I became an American Citizen, thus becoming dual citizen  with Australia; my country of birth.  
My first album, "
Home Away From Home" is a collection of some of my favorite songs from both Australia and the USA.   Yes! I am still considered an "Aussie" by my friends, but I am also recognized as an American following completion of citizenship in 2010.  This album is a fun way for  me to show the love I have for both countries and the reason why I call  both my "Home Away From Home"
My new single "
I Became an American" tells the story of how it felt to me, to become an American citizen.  How grateful and proud it feels to be a part of this great nation!

I hope you will join me as I continue my journey towards my music goals.